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Community-owned motorsport via web 3.0

Garage is a decentralized autonomous organization hell-bent on reconnecting our members with their automotive heroes.

Join us on Discord as we push forward toward the collective ownership in the highest levels of motorsport and the automotive scene.

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Meet heroes. Fulfill Dreams.

Garage is a democratic web 3.0 community collectively working to unlock access to the cars, people, and experiences we dream about but have no other way to realize.

Membership in Garage is recorded on the Blockchain and defined by ownership of a membership token.

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Membership tokens will be offered for sale in small, discrete collections over a period of several years.

Genesis membership tokens confer perpetual, transferrable membership in Garage, including access to the most exciting properties in motorsport, automotive design, and automotive history.




The Garage1500 Collection contains the second batch of 1,500 membership tokens deployed for public sale.

Each token in this Garage1500 Collection contains unique, exquisite automotive art captured from the most significant car collections in the world by pioneering photographer Ian Wood.

All artwork will be assigned randomly and revealed after the public sale.

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30 JUNE 2022

Mint price of 0.30Ξ for the Garage1500 Collection.

This is our next step toward something revolutionary. Now we scale a first-of-its-kind car-centric community where rich automotive experiences intersect web 3.0. Garage will continually add value to its members by surfacing exclusive content and experiences they once thought to be out of reach.

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We tailored our distribution mechanic to benefit our early members, to reward the team for its hard work, and to give those who just discovered Garage an opportunity to join us in our journey.

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A collaboration with

Ian Wood (@EANOFOTO)

G1500 is Naked Color

Naked Color is inspired by how designers see the cars they sketch.

Naked is the removal of context that defines how cars are commonly perceived.

Naked is stripped of background, reflection, and reference to orientation.

Naked permits light to reveal new details and forms in cars we otherwise think we know.

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Meet the team

Advisors & Partners

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We are a distributed, creator-led organization of car nuts. Garage pairs the latest in NFT and blockchain technologies with an extensive network in the automotive community to bring enthusiasts closer to their automotive heroes.


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